About Mr. Fusco

I have been teaching high school since 1997. I began my teaching at
Southington High School and taught there from 1997 until 2001. Since then, I
have been at Plainville High School. I have taught all levels of Biology; Marine
Bio; Entomology and Genetics, Botany, and Environmental Science. I received
the Outstanding Biology Teacher Award for 2006 from the National Association
of Biology Teachers. I am an adjunct instructor for UCONN's MARN 1002
Introduction to Oceanography.

I received my AS in Management and BS in Marine Biology from Roger Williams
University (Rhode Island). I received my MS degree in Biology with emphasis in
Marine Biology from Central Connecticut State University in 2004.

I am a certified SCUBA Instructor with over 40 years of diving experience. I
have done various types of diving including research, deep, ice, underwater
photography, underwater environment, and rescue. I have been teaching
diving since 1988 through NAUI (the National Association of Underwater
Instructors) and SSI (Scuba Schools International).

I am the coach of the PHS NOSB Team and the instructor / advisor to the
Scuba club.

I was named Plainville's Teacher of the Year for 2014-2015 school year.
I Believe:

The three most important qualities in a classroom teacher are passion, the ability to relate to the students and the belief
in CANEI or Constant and Never Ending Improvement. I believe that if a teacher is passionate about teaching and the
subject he or she is teaching, students will pick up the enthusiasm and love of the subject. I also believe that to be an
effective teacher requires the ability to build rapport with the students. A teacher can have all the knowledge in the world,
but it won’t do any good if the students do not receive it. I believe that there can be no teaching without learning. I am
convinced that discipline, classroom management techniques and other student behavior modifications are necessary, but
can be lessened with students that are enthusiastic about the subject. We all know a good lesson when it is delivered,
but why stop with a good lesson now and then? I think that we should always be thinking “how could that have been
improved”? and “What made that lesson so good”? so it can be incorporated into other lessons. I don’t think we are ever
at the point we cannot learn to do something better.
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